Corrigés des exercices d’anglais – Dossier 23

Exercice 1 : Traduire les phrases suivantes en anglais :

1- J’aime les chiens. (En anglais, quand on parle des chiens en général, on dit dogs).
I like dogs.

2- J’aime le tennis.
I like tennis.

3- Je n’aime pas les chats. (En anglais, quand on parle des chats en général, on dit cats).
I don’t like cats.

4- J’aime les fraises. (strawberries)
I like strawberries.

5- Je n’aime pas la bière.
I don’t like beer.

6- J’aime la cuisine Chinoise.
I like Chinese food.

7- Je n’aime pas les hamburgers.
I don’t like hamburgers.

8- J’aime la natation.
I like swimming.

9- Je n’aime pas le ski.
I don’t like skiing.

10- J’aime le football.
I like football.

Exercice 2 : Répondre aux questions avec des réponses courtes.

1- Do you like raspberries? (framboises)
Yes, I do.

2- Do you like coffee?
No, I don’t.

3- Do you like oranges?
Yes, I do.

4- Do you like pears? (poires)
No, I don’t.

5- Do you like horses? (chevaux)
Yes, I do.

6- Do you like rabbits? (lapins)
No, I don’t.

7- Do you like peaches? (pêches)
Yes, I do.

8- Do you like plums? (prunes)
No, I don’t.

9- Do you like bananas?
Yes, I do.

10- Do you like apples? (pommes)
No, I don’t.

Exercice 3 : Répondre aux questions avec des réponses courtes.

1- Is he happy?
Yes, he is.

2- Are you at home?
No, I’m not.
3- Are they in England?
Yes, they are.

4- Are you tired? (fatigué)
No, I’m not.

5- Is he in the kitchen? (cuisine)
Yes, he is.

6- Are you sad? (triste)
Yes, he is.

7- Are they at home? (à la maison)
No, he isn’t.

8- Is your brother at school?
Yes, he is.

9- Is she in the bathroom? (salle de bains)
No, she isn’t.

10- Is your sister at work? (au travail)
Yes, she is.

Exercice 4 : Répondre aux questions avec des réponses courtes.

1- Do you like ice-cream?
Yes, I do.

2- Is he in the swimming-pool? (piscine)
No, he, isn’t.

3- Do you like boxing?
Yes, I do.

4- Are you at school?
No, I’m not.

5- Do you like tea?
Yes, I do.

6- Are you upset? (contrarié)
No, I’m not.

7- Do you like pizza?
Yes, I do.

8- Is she in the garden?
No, she isn’t.

9- Are you tired?
Yes, I am.

10- Are you at the office? (au bureau)
No, I’m not.