Dossier 14 – Texte « The audition interview »

Interviewer : Hi! Is this your band, the Londoners?
Michael : Yes, it is.
Interviewer : Great. And are you Paul McNab?
Michael : No, I’m not. I’m Michael McNab. This is Paul. He’s my brother.
Interviewer : Ah, yes sorry. Hi, Paul. You’re a teacher from England, right?
Paul : Well, yes, I am a teacher, but I’m not from England.
Interviewer : Oh, where are you from?
Michael and Paul : We’re from America.
Interviewer : Aah! Are the other boys from America, too?
Michael : No, they aren’t. They are all from different countries.
Interviewer : Oh! Interesting! And are they all teachers?
Michael : No, they aren’t, Paul is a businessman and …
Paul : Yes, I’m a businessman and Ronan is a student and Bo and Edson are bus drivers.
Interviewer: Interesting! And Paul, are you the singer in the band?
Paul : Yes, I am. Well, we are all singers.
Interviewer : Oh, right! Nice to meet you. Good luck to you all!
All : Thank you very much

Questions sur le texte :

1- What’s the band name?
2- Is Paul from England?
3- Where are Michael and Paul?
4- What’s Paul’s job?
5- What’s Ronan’s job?
6- Who is the singer in the band?

Corrigés des exercices du dossier 14